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Welcome to The World's Most Unique
and Photography Destination

Opened originally as Beauty PARLR in 2010, PARLR was born in 2018, taking shape in an 11,000 square foot space that welcomes more than 20,000 clients each year.

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Creating Content that
Legitimizes Brands

With the same creative team that brought you PARLR, 2019 revealed the founding of The Agency, a creative agency that offers brand strategy, photography, videography, graphic design, web design, and ad management. 

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A Revolutionary Way to  Tie

Your Hair for Sleep

In the depths of the 2020 pandemic, Sleepy Tie® was invented to protect, prolong and enhance your blow out or styled hair. Patent-pending, Sleepy Tie® is truly the love-child of Rachael's two previously founded businesses. 

These are MY three brand babies.

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Now Streaming

CEO + COO sisters running three large companies together, share unfiltered discussion about their experiences in business, doing it all with a peaceful mindset and their real life between it all. 

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A self-taught, multi-business success story

Rachael Shtifter’s rise as a businesswoman is accredited in full to her creative ingenuity, strong intuition, and entrepreneurial spirit.

It all began on campus at Hofstra University the night of a blizzard when the idea to style and photograph her friends in the snow ignited a lifelong beauty and photography career. That being the dawn of Facebook, Rachael posted those photos online and, much to her surprise, inquiries began rushing in. Photography work soon became all-consuming, and Rachael was faced with the decision to either fully commit or complete her business degree. For her, the choice was clear. And after dropping out of college, the opportunities amassed. Rachael found herself in New York City working alongside celebrity fashion stylists, photographing name brands in iconic locations, and even working Fashion Week. That city suited her: loud, bright, and always high-energy.

Then, hardship called Rachael home to Framingham, Massachusetts, where she sought office space in a converted mill building in an effort to resettle. Its resemblance to a New York City studio was nothing short of enlightening. Upon entering, she knew exactly what she was meant to do: a combined beauty salon and photography studio that brought the soul of New York to her hometown.

After opening her new Framingham studio, Rachael’s studio quickly attracted an enormous amount of attention from locals, celebrities, and the like. In those first few years, as her business grew, Rachael had committed herself to constant reinvestment. So when offered the lease to a space four times the size…she confidently accepted.


The 2008 photoshoot that started it all.

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An Entrepreneurial VISIONARY in 
Beauty and Branding

Rachael Lynsey Shtifter is the self-made businesswoman, photographer, and creative director behind PARLR, The Agency, and Sleepy Tie®. A natural-born entrepreneur, she has strategically built each of her respective business ventures into globally recognized realities.

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April 2018: PARLR opens

PARLR opened its doors as the world’s most unique beauty destination, the first of its kind – housing an salon and spa in an 11,000 square foot space. Its unparalleled services and experience resulted in PARLR being featured in numerous publications and named 

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after just three months. Having created so much brand recognition for PARLR, Rachael was constantly asked for advice from other business owners.

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April 2019: The Agency opens

It seemed only natural, one year later, to formally open The Agency – staffed with the same trusted experts that helped her build the PARLR brand. The Agency was an instant success, taking root in the office space above the Framingham salon where the two worked seamlessly together. It attracted local and global clients alike: Reebok, Samsonite and Conde Nast to name a few. Under Rachael’s creative direction, The Agency has become a premiere creative agency in Massachusetts, known for producing epic content in graphic design, photography and videography. 

February 2020:
Sleepy Tie® is

Then, 2020. A global pandemic. Rachael found herself stuck behind the shuddered doors of her salon. Bad enough she was sent reeling about her business, but worse yet, she couldn’t even get her salon-quality blow out – a near necessity for her thick, textured hair. Then an idea struck… Rach ordered some supplies and sewed together a hair tie that when wrapped *just so*, left her hair looking flawless the next morning. Friends tried this hair tie with similar results: healthy, bouncy, voluminous hair the next day. Next stop: patent office.


This simple concept met a significant need of so many women: more good hair days, less heat damage, and shorter morning routines.

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2021: The Sleepy Tie® warehouse opens


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She has brilliantly and organically grown her businesses from one another, all while maintaining sound mental health through a dedicated meditation practice and becoming a new mom. Rachael is proud to have PARLR, The Agency, and the Sleepy Tie® warehouse working harmoniously under one 16,000 square foot roof in Framingham. She acknowledges that nothing would be possible without the dedicated help of her stellar team, now composed of over 35 brilliant artists in their own right. Rachael believes wholeheartedly in endless positivity, turning issues into opportunities, and inspiring others to do it all with a sense of ease.

Follow her journey on social @rachlynsey

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One SNAP started it all.


From photographing friends on campus to scouting scenes in New York City, Rachael’s incredible eye and natural skill served as the foundation for her success as a photographer.

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Rachael and her businesses have partnered AND have been featured across prominent media. 

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