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Rachael Shtifter’s rise as a businesswoman is accredited in full to her creative ingenuity, strong intuition, and entrepreneurial spirit.

It all began on campus at Hofstra University the night of a blizzard when the idea to style and photograph her friends in the snow ignited a lifelong beauty and photography career. That being the dawn of Facebook, Rachael posted those photos online and, much to her surprise, inquiries began rushing in. Photography work soon became all-consuming, and Rachael was faced with the decision to either fully commit or complete her business degree. For her, the choice was clear. And after dropping out of college, the opportunities amassed. Rachael found herself in New York City working alongside celebrity fashion stylists, photographing name brands in iconic locations, and even working Fashion Week. That city suited her: loud, bright, and always high-energy.

Then, hardship called Rachael home to Massachusetts, where she sought office space in a converted mill building in an effort to resettle. Its resemblance to a New York City studio was nothing short of enlightening. Upon entering, she knew exactly what she was meant to do: a combined beauty salon and photography studio that brought the soul of New York to her hometown.

After opening, Rachael’s studio quickly attracted an enormous amount of attention from locals, celebrities, and the like. In those first few years, as her business grew, Rachael had committed herself to constant reinvestment. So when offered the lease to a space four times the size… She confidently accepted.


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